Transfer funds to a University of Sydney Student Campus Cardfrom almost anywhere in the world. Right here. Right now.
It's easy and fast

Using your Visa® or MasterCard®*, you can securely load funds onto a Student Campus Card with Visa prepaid payment functionality via this website, wherever you are and whenever you want. Perfect for surprise gifts, emergency funds and allowances. You just need the 16 digit number on the card that you want to load, and once your transaction has been approved, the card will be loaded and ready to go. Fees apply (see the Transfer Terms below for details).

This functionality is currently unavailable. Funds can be loaded via the Kiosks on Campus or via BPAY.


In addition to any fee that your card issuer may charge you, an ANZ load fee of 2.5% of the transfer amount will be charged for every transfer made via this website. The amount charged to your card by ANZ will be the sum total of the ANZ load fee and the transfer amount. Your card issuer may separately charge fees and charges for the transaction, particularly if it is an international money transfer and your card issuer is located outside Australia. If a transfer is made using a credit card, it will be treated as a cash advance and interest and additional fees may also apply. Any interest, fees and charges incurred in connection with this transfer are solely your responsibility. Please contact your card issuer to find out what interest, fees and charges may be payable before making the transfer.

ANZ cannot control (and is not responsible for) when, or if, your card issuer processes your transfer instructions or the fees or charges that your card issuer may charge to process your instructions nor whether your card issuer will process any such charges in the same transaction as your transfer instructions. Once ANZ processes your transfer instructions it is reliant on your card issuer to advise whether your instructions have been successfully processed. ANZ is not liable for any technical failure or delay or error in accepting the instructions caused by your card issuer.

The maximum Value Load that can be loaded per transfer is $999.99 (AUD). You must be aware of the current Available Balance on the cardholder’s Student Campus Card when transferring funds onto the card when using this website. Your transfer of funds must not cause the Student Campus Card’s Available Balance to exceed AUD $999.99. Any attempt to load funds onto the Student Campus Card that will cause it to exceed the $999.99 limit will be rejected. All transfers via this website must comply with, and will be processed in accordance with, the Product Disclosure Statement for the Student Campus Card you are loading.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the details provided by you are correct or your transfer may be unsuccessful or may be paid to an unintended account. We do not check that the details provided by you are correct.

Transfers are lodged immediately and cannot be cancelled, deleted or revoked. If a transfer of funds is successful, the Available Balance of the cardholder’s Student Campus Card will be adjusted accordingly. When your account will be debited will depend on the policy and systems of your own financial institution. Funds will be loaded onto the cardholder’s Student Campus Card in Australian Dollars. Any foreign currency conversions required for the purposes of the transfer will be performed by your card issuer in accordance with the terms and conditions applicable to your card.

* Any valid Visa or MasterCard issued by a financial institution which is accepted by ANZ may be used for the transfer. ANZ reserves the right not to accept any card for any reason.